The Martin Luther Chapel of CLTS is lit by just one window: a tall, thin stained glass window installed in 1989 as a project supported by the Seminary Guild. The window depicts the six chief parts of the catechism.

In winter, when the sun is low on the horizon and the sky is clear, the window puts a dazzling display onto the side wall of the chapel, usually during the morning chapel services. There hasn’t been much blue sky lately in St. Catharines, but on an unusually fine morning this week, Dr Thomas Winger recorded a time-lapse video of the window’s movement across the wall. The time-lapse consists of 900 shots across two-and-a-half hours–but the camera did all the work.

We hope that this little video will bring you some light in a rather dreary time.

5 thoughts on “Stained Glass Light Show

  1. That was really lovely and I enjoyed the sprightly music too. Thank you!

    Rejoicing in His days,


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