In this year’s Lenten Letter, Dr Thomas Korcok introduces the unique story of an extraordinary student who fled persecution for his Christian faith. The student, whose identity is concealed for his own protection, deeply desires to spread the hope that the Christian faith has given him. He writes:

What do I hope to do with the education I receive here? First, I pray that God would teach me more, giving me understanding of His Word and how I can share it with others. Second, I would like to return to work with my people and be a missionary to those who hate Jesus or don’t know the true God. There is only one way to help people and bring peace and light to their lives in this dark world: it is by the Word of God and the sacrifice of His Son, my Saviour Jesus Christ.

In this Lenten time, when we all focus on the self-sacrifice of God’s own Son, we ask you to consider how you can support the seminary’s ongoing work. Dr Korcok concludes:

Not all stories are quite so dramatic as that of the student featured in this letter, but each student is a testimony to God’s promise to call pastors for His church. They would not be here except for your generosity.

The students, staff, and faculty of CLTS thank you for your support in prayers and gifts and pray that God would continue to bless you.

Visit the seminary’s website to find a simple way to give.

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