Linda Lantz, the seminary’s Administrative Assistant for a decade, was called to her eternal rest in November 2019. She was deeply affectionate and motherly to the students, even though she had four children of her own (and a pastor-husband) to care for.

The Concordia Seminary Students Association considered how they could fitly memorialise her role at the seminary. They decided to commission a hand-painted icon from Avery Prozenko (brother of student Nigel), who specialises in religious art in a uniquely confessional Lutheran style. (See his website:

The icon is a classic image of Mary, Mother of Our Lord, with the child Jesus in her arms. On Monday, 15 March 2021, the Lantz family and Regional Pastor Marvin Bublitz joined the small seminary community for a Morning Prayer service in the chapel, at the end of which the icon was blessed by President Winger. He remarked how fitting it was to recall Linda’s mothering of the students through an image of Our Lord’s mother. Some of the extended Lantz family were able to watch the service and dedication online.

After the service, led by CSSA president Jason Gillard, the icon was hung in the student lounge, where it will serve as a visible daily reminder of their sainted matron.

CSSA Linda Lantz Memorial Icon Dedication

One thought on “Students Remember Linda Lantz

  1. What a wonderful dedication to a wonderful person. I knew her very well and her family members. My thoughts and prayers are with them all and may God Bless all these students for this memorable occasion.
    God Bless from a friend.

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