The opening service for the 46th academic year at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary will take place on Sunday, 12 September, 4:00pm, in the seminary chapel.

Seating will be limited to about 45 people, and so we ask that you RSVP with this online form. You may also e-mail or call 905-688-2362 ext. 21. The service will be live-streamed from our YouTube channel.

Rev. Dr Thomas Korcok

During the service Rev. Dr Thomas Korcok will be officially installed as Associate Professor of Theology. Dr Korcok, a CLTS graduate (1987), taught in the fall semester 2020 as a visiting professor. He accepted a call to join the faculty in November 2020 and has been teaching at the seminary since then. His installation has been delayed until now because of limitations on public services. We are pleased to be able to present him publicly to the church, bless him with God’s Word and prayer, and commit to him this solemn responsibility.

Rev. Robert Willie

Rev. Robert Willie, emeritus pastor in the West Region, will be honoured with the Emeritus Crucis award. We are pleased that he will be joining us in person, with his wife and daughters. Other academic awards earned by students will also be announced.

If you cannot attend, please pray for the students as they begin their studies, for the seminary faculty that they may be faithful in their calling, for the dedicated staff who support them, and for God to raise up benefactors for our seminary whose gifts will ensure that this important work continues. If you wish to make an offering, see the options available on our website.

2 thoughts on “Opening Service 2021

  1. Prayers for a good year and blessings to all. Miss everyone! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’—πŸ™

  2. Dear Dr.Korcok

    Congratulation, the Lord’s richest blessings upon your work at the seminary. Good to see you there as teacher of lutheran theology. We are sending a cheque for the occasion. The faculty certainly gains more and more respect looking at the personell of the staff. You are in our prayers. Peace be with you.

    Sincerely Klaus & Rita Tamke


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