With your gift, you open doors … for some to become parish pastors, others to train to better serve the Lord and His church in their various vocations, and still others to become chaplains.

Dr Thomas Korcok opens this year’s Thanksgiving letter with this reflection on the opportunites God has offered to our students.

At Thanksgiving we not only give thanks to God for the blessings of our country and its rich harvest, but we remember His grace shown to us in Jesus Christ, our Saviour. That message is the focus of the Holy Ministry that Jesus instituted to preach the Gospel to all the world.

This Thanksgiving please remember the needs of the seminary, which is dedicated to preparing men for Christ’s ministry. In our Thanksgiving Letter, we focus on one particular young man—Captain Chad Miller, a serving officer in the Canadian Forces, who is preparing to work as a chaplain. Lutheran Church–Canada has been particularly active in providing pastoral care to our armed forces through the work of chaplains.

You may donate online or learn of other ways to help from our website: Support Us.

CLTS Opening Retreat 2021

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