Here is a reminder of the Seminary Guild Harvest Day taking place this coming Saturday. Please join us through the YouTube link provided in the story below.

The Seminary Guild is a large community of church members who support the seminary and her students with regular gifts, loving service, and prayers. For many years they have held two annual gatherings at the seminary: Harvest Day in October and Guild Day in April. Alas, for a year and half these wonderful gatherings have not been possible.

The Guild Executive have decided it’s time to resume these gatherings by hosting a hybrid Harvest Day on Saturday, 16 October, beginning at 10am. The faculty, students, and Guild Executive will gather in the seminary chapel, while the rest of the Guild membership and interested guests will be able to watch a live stream. The agenda includes a brief business meeting and a Matins service led by the students. Following this, the students will introduce themselves and their families. We will also present a video with collected introductions from off-site students.

To watch the event live, visit our YouTube channel:

The seminary community is thankful to God and to you all for your love, prayers, and support! Please speak with the Guild representative in your congregation to support the sem with your $5 annual membership.

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