For more than a decade CLTS, St. Catharines (lately in co-operation with CLS, Edmonton), has provided all LCC congregations with a wall calendar primarily meant for use by altar guilds. The calendar contained the liturgical festivals of the three-year and one-year lectionary series, together with their parament/vestment colours and space to write notes.

For the past few years, we have been providing this in electronic form only, in order to save costs on printing and mailing. This approach also offers certain advantages. The calendar can be printed in colour, making it easier to see the liturgical colour of the day or season. Each month fills one letter-sized page–slightly larger, with more room to write, than the old posters. If you do not have room for a large poster on the wall, it can be hung one or two months at a time. Or the pages can be posted side by side to see six months or even the whole year at a glance.

You may download the file here. If you don’t have a colour printer at your church, perhaps you could ask someone in your congregation to print it for you. We pray this resource will help with the details of providing God’s gifts to His people in the divine services of your church.

2 thoughts on “Liturgical Calendar 2022

  1. Thank you for the Liturgical Calendar. I post it on my office door for all to see. Very helpful with monthly church calendars that I print out

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