MDiv Student Albert Ho

In a 2019 press release it was announced that the Seminary Guild was “already looking forward to Guild Day 2020.”  Little did anyone realize that, because of the pandemic, in 2020 both Guild Day and Harvest Day would have to be cancelled. What a joy it was that the Guild was able to celebrate Harvest Day 2021 this past Saturday!

With limitations in place for physical attendance, only the Guild Executive, local students and their families, and faculty members were permitted to be physically present; however, a video link was set up for the day which allowed remote Guild members and students to join in.

Bonnie Stephenson, Treasurer

The day began with Dr Winger welcoming the Guild and extending a special thank you for the work that was done during the difficult times of the past two years. The executive were especially commended for their work in keeping this important organization running throughout all the restrictions.

A short business meeting was held with the reading of the minutes for the 2019 Harvest Day meeting by Karen Kaija. Karen followed this with the membership report. Next was the financial report by Bonnie Stephenson. The new pastoral adviser, Dr Thomas Korcok, commended the Guild for their faithfulness over the past two years. President Nancy Bryans spoke about both the joys and the struggles the Guild encountered since she was elected. 

Chad Miller preaching

After the business meeting, seminarian Daniel Cunningham led the gathering in Matins with fourth-year seminarian Chad Miller preaching. Andrew Hayes, a student at Brock and organist at Resurrection, St. Catharines, served as organist for the day.

The traditional introduction of students had a different twist. After the local students introduced themselves along with their families, a video collage assembled by seminarian Eduardo Farias was presented, in which all the remote students extended their greetings and thanks. This included students in New York, Maine, Brazil, and China. (Since a recording of the whole event is on our YouTube channel, you can see the resident students introduce themselves at the 1:27:22 mark and view the remote students at the 1:38:50 mark.)

After the introduction of students, President Bryans invited all present to the student lounge for an informal pizza lunch.  

To rephrase the 2019 press release, the Seminary Guild is alive and well and already looking forward to Guild Day 2022!

More photos are available here.

Resident Seminary Students

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