In this year’s Lenten Letter titled “When the Lord Changes Our Plans”, Dr Thomas Korcok tells the story of student Trey Doak, whose plans were remade by God’s guidance over the past two years. His family story is like so many of ours in our ever-changing world. But Dr Korcok writes:

Perhaps now, more than ever, we need to focus on that which does not change, that which provides stability in these troubled times. Of course, you know what I am thinking. It is Christ Jesus and the blessing He gives to us through His Word.

The seminary’s mission is to bring this true stability to our world through preparing our students to preach Jesus Christ. We ask you to consider how you can support this ongoing work. Dr Korcok concludes:

Your gifts are a way of bringing this stability to a troubled world. You provide an anchor for historic Lutheranism where men and women are formed by that which does not change; Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. As you read Trey’s story I hope you can see your role in his formation as a pastor.

The students, staff, and faculty of CLTS thank you for your support in prayers and gifts and pray that God would continue to bless you.

Visit the seminary’s website to find a simple way to give.

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