Dr. Farias and his wife Daniella Farias leading in singing.

The seminary chapel was alive with music as the Seminary Guild gathered for the annual Harvest Day on Saturday, October 15. Guest presenters were Dr. Eduardo Farias and his wife Daniella. Not only is Eduardo an MTS student at the seminary, but he and his wife are accomplished musicians. With Eduardo on the guitar and Daniella on the violin, they led the gathering in joyful singing of hymns and contemporary Christian songs, including “God Is So Good to Me” in five languages!   

Other activities that morning included a student-led worship service with Concordia Seminary Student Association president, Jason Gillard, as the preacher, and Nigel Prozenko as liturgist. A brief business meeting included adopting the replacement of lighting in the library as a project. The assembly also approved raising membership fees to $10 per year—the first time it has been raised since the guild was founded. A delicious catered lunch provided Guild members the opportunity to meet, greet, and eat with their adopted students. (For more information on the Adopted Student program, please contact Dr. John Stephenson, Dean of Students.)

Seminary Jason Gillard preaching duing chapel

After the meeting, the students and their families were introduced to those present. Of special note were student Vijay Samuel and his family, who only arrived in Canada from India the previous Wednesday, and Aaron Parkhurst who, as a resident of New York State, was able to cross the border for the first time since the COVID restrictions. Both of these students had been studying online since 2020. It was a joy to have them and everyone else present.

Vijay Samuel introduces his wife Shamona and daughter Abigail while Aaron Parkhurst looks on.

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