In short, at both the church and the university, I got paid to tell people about how God saved us through Christ Jesus. How great is that?

Dr James Kellerman opens our Thanksgiving letter to the church by reflecting on God’s blessings in his own life, particularly three decades as a parish pastor. As you celebrate God’s gifts with your family over the holiday weekend, God asks you to do the same: what are you thankful for? We hope you include in the list your pastor, your church, and the seminary that helps provide them to you. For the greatest gift is Christ Jesus, who shed His precious, redeeming blood for you. And it is through the Church’s ministry that He delivers to you this treasure.

The seminary’s Thanksgiving Letter, being sent this week to all congregations in LCC, also highlights God’s gifts through lay leaders. Eduardo Farias, a talented church musician from Brazil, explains why he and his wife came to St. Catharines:

“My calling may not be to become a pastor, but it is most certainly to serve the church with the gifts I have been given. Here I am learning why we do the things we do and growing in my understanding of our theology and the liturgy.”

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