In this year’s Lenten Letter titled “God’s Grace Is Sufficient”, Dr Thomas Korcok tells the story of student Vijay Samuel, who was brought from India to our seminary in Canada through a series of “coincidences”–or was it rather God’s guiding hand in his life? Dr Korcok writes:

While Vijay Samuel’s story is unique, I am sure you also have your own story about how God ordered things in your life so that you could better know His grace in Christ Jesus. Maybe it was a “coincidental” sequence of events or a “chance” encounter with someone who would direct you in your life’s journey. Looking back you realize that none of those things were “coincidental”. … God was working through people and events to give you an occasion to give thanks to Him—even as you are doing right now.

The seminary’s mission is to receive those whom God sends to us and prepare them for His mission in the world. We ask you to consider how you can support this ongoing work. This month we are highlighting the needs of our Student Aid Fund, through which you can help students like Vijay to serve God’s church.

The students, staff, and faculty of CLTS thank you for your support in prayers and gifts and pray that God would continue to bless you.

Visit the seminary’s website to find a simple way to give.

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