The Justification of the Ungodly: An Interpretation of Romans, by former CLTS president Jonathan F. Grothe, has been received with great enthusiasm since its publication in 2005. With the first print run sold out, Dr Grothe took the opportunity to review the text thoroughly, correct typographical errors, and re-format the work so that it now fits in one volume.

The second edition is available through, a print-on-demand service, in hardcover, paperback, and electronic editions. The Adobe Digital Editions pdf may be used on a computer or transferred to an e-book reader or iPad.

To order, click on the book cover.

3 thoughts on “Commentary on Romans Republished

    1. The electronic edition was discontinued when Lulu dropped support for secure Adobe pdf files. We may provide a Kindle version in the distant future, but don’t hold your breath while waiting! Sorry.

      1. Thank you for your response! I had purchased the hardback awhile ago and find myself wishing for a search ability frequently! Anyhow, I’m grateful just to have a copy, and won’t be holding my breath, Thanks again!

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