At its regular meeting on 29 May 2020 the CLTS Board of Regents resolved to restart the call process for a new seminary professor. This decision arose following the news that Rev. Min Kim, who had accepted the call in 2019 but intended to complete his contract as a military chaplain before coming this summer, had reluctantly decided to revoke it. Rev. Kim now intends to remain in the Canadian Forces.

In June 2019 Rev. Esko Murto vacated the position of Dogmatics professor at CLTS in order to return to parish ministry in Finland. In the 2019-20 academic year, the seminary was well served by adjunct faculty members and a visiting professor from Germany, Dr Werner Klän. The President and Board hope to fill the position during the coming academic year. We therefore seek applications from suitably qualified pastors and welcome recommendations from members of the church.

The present full-time faculty consists of Dr Thomas Winger (New Testament, Liturgics), Dr John Stephenson (Historical, New Testament), and Dr Harold Ristau (Practical, Dogmatics).

Call for Applications:

Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, will be calling a Professor of Theology to take up office in January 2021. The candidate must be an ordained pastor of Lutheran Church–Canada or a church in fellowship with her. The preferred candidate will have:

  • a strong commitment to sound, confessional Lutheran theology;
  • significant parish and/or mission experience;
  • an earned doctorate;
  • a speciality in dogmatic (systematic) theology;
  • experience and/or understanding of the Canadian context;
  • interdisciplinary teaching capability;
  • research and writing competence; and
  • a collegial personality and attitude.

Interested candidates are asked to submit their curriculum vitae by 31 August 2020 via e-mail ( or post to:

President Thomas Winger
Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary
470 Glenridge Ave
St. Catharines, ON L2T 4C3

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