Rev. Kurt E. Reinhardt (CLTS MDiv 1999), serving Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kurtsville, Ontario, is one of the most prolific and profound poets in contemporary English-speaking Lutheranism. His first volume of poems, from the years 1995-2008, was published by Redeemer Press, Ft. Wayne, IN, as My Light and My Salvation. One from that set, “Baptismal Waters Cover Me”, was included as hymn 616 in Lutheran Service Book.

Pastor Reinhardt has now released a second collection of poems spanning the seasons of the church year, the trials and troubles of the Christian life, indeed human life itself. These 43 new poems are published together with the original 53 in a revised and enlarged edition of My Light and My Salvation, published by Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary. Most of the new poems are provided with meter and hymn tune suggestions for singing.

The book is available for purchase as a hard- or softcover book or an e-book from the print-on-demand service

From the cover:

In uninterrupted flow from the third-century Phos hilaron (John Keble’s “Hail, Gladdening Light”; “Joyous Light of Glory” in Lutheran Evening Prayer) and even from the New Testament itself, Christians have composed poetry about their Lord, His work, His Church, and their relationship to Him and to each other. Lutheran in its origin, this collection of sacred verse aims to be both oecumenical and evangelistic in its scope.

A native of Ottawa and a graduate of Queen’s University in Kingston and Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catharines, Kurt E. Reinhardt has served since AD 1999 as pastor of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kurtzville, near Listowel, Ontario.

The beautiful volume is adorned with an icon of the Transfiguration of Christ by Avery Prozenko, nephew of Pastor Reinhardt.

Another CLTS graduate, Rev. Alan Kornacki (MDiv 2000), has also released a book of hymns and poetry.

Rejoice, O Zion! Sing! contains hymn texts based on the readings for the LSB One-Year Lectionary, texts for various feasts and festivals, and texts for other events and occasions. With few exceptions, the texts are set to hymns in LSB for ease of use, though original tunes for 6 texts are included in the book. In addition, Three-Year Lectionary users will find a handy index for hymns appropriate for numerous Sundays.

Rejoice, O Zion! Sing! is available in print and Kindle editions through Amazon Canada and Amazon US.

One thought on “New Volume of Poems by Rev. Kurt Reinhardt

  1. Love your poems. I work in an Emergency department happen to have a Concordia magazine by my bed after a challenging day. Thank you for the words of hope.

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