LTR 33 coverThe latest issue of Lutheran Theological Review (vol. 33) has been released. Lutheran Theological Review is an annual journal published by the two seminary faculties of Lutheran Church–Canada. It provides a forum for our professors and pastors to publish their research, and for the seminaries to provide resources and to stimulate the minds of our pastorate and laity. Free copies are sent to every pastor in LCC, and paid subscriptions are available.

In public service to the church we also provide the full text (.pdf) of the current and all back issues on our website ( Click here to download volume 33, the latest issue. It contains:

In Memoriam: Rev. Dr L. Dean Hempelmann (1939–2021)
James Gimbel


Final Report of the Theological Conversations between the Churches Associated within the International Lutheran Council and the Roman Catholic Church

The Nazification of Martin Luther
John P. Hellwege

They Called It Chautauqua
William F. Mundt


Becoming Children (Matthew 18:1-10)
Harold Ristau

Eyes Open to See Where You Live (Ephesians 1:15-23)
Kurt A. Lantz

His Mercies … New Every Morning (Lamentations 3:22-26, 31-32)
+Jobst Schöne

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